Logbook loans – few things to know

Logbook loans – few things to know

Ever wondered what you would do if you were in need of urgent cash but can’t immediately avail a loan because you have bad credit? In a world where your credit score is the difference between getting approved for a loan and getting denied for the same, you will be forgiven for being wondrously worried. For long, those with a poor credit score found themselves in unfamiliar grounds whenever they sought to apply for a loan. A simple credit check and they would get the “we are sorry but we cannot approve your application at this time”. This continued to be a source of immense stress until logbook loans became a reality.
Well, from the very sound of the name, logbook loans are a special kind of loans where a person’s car is used as collateral to secure a specific amount of money usually up to 70% of a cars official trade value. A person with bad credit can apply and get approved for a logbook loan within hours without having to worry about credit checks.


How a logbook loan works
The first thing that you need to do is identify a logbook loan lender you wish to borrow money from. Once you’ve done that, provide a cars registration number so that your logbook lender can evaluate it and ascertain whether it is fit to be used as collateral. Once the condition and the value of the car has been ascertained, you are eligible to apply for a logbook loan up to 50% or 70% of your car depending on the UK logbook loan lender you are doing business with. Of course, you should always go for a lender with an affordable annual percentage rate to ensure that you do not end up repaying an exorbitant loan amount. The next thing is to hand over your car logbook and sign a bill of sale agreement which essentially makes the lender the temporal owner of your car until such a time when you have fully repaid the logbook loan you took.

What documents are required before you can be approved for a logbook loan?
When you express your interest to apply for a simplelogbookloan, your UK logbook loan lender will require a number of documents from you. The number one document is of course your car logbook document which provides proof that you are the legal owner of the vehicle you are setting up as collateral. The other document is a Ministry of Transport (MOT) certificate that proves your car has been inspected and has been found to be in good condition. You should also provide an identification card as proof of identity, bank statements to show you receive a regular income as well as utility bills to show proof of address.


What are the risks of applying for logbook loans?
While there are many benefits that come with applying for a logbook loan, it’s instructive to note that there are also a number of risks involved with applying for the same. For one, it is imperative to note that failure to make repayments as agreed might lead to car repossession. Secondly, logbook loans are known to have high interest rates which at times could lead a person paying more than twice the principal amount.

A comprehensive review of the Jaguar XF

A comprehensive review of the Jaguar XF

Though sedans from Germany have dominated the roads in UK and top end market for long, Jaguar XF has proven this fact is about to change. For many years, Jaguar has tried to keep up with the top rated sedans with little success. However, Jaguar XF has consolidated all the strengths of previous models on design, performance and outlook. This is a comprehensive review that focuses on main aspects that make Jaguar XF models among the best in the market.

Body design and style
The 2015 Jaguar XF is available in 8 different engine types (power trains). They have the premium 2.0T, 3.0 portfolio, 3.0 sport, super-charged 5.0, and XFR-S. The main features of the Jaguar XF include the 4-cylinder turbo charged engine, parking sensors, leather upholstery, auto-dimming real-view mirror, LED tail lights and 18 inches wheels. The sedan also features heated seats, keyless ignition & entry system and rear view camera.
The electronic features for the car are advanced to make navigation easy and fun. It comes with a large touch screen, iPod integration, audio connectivity and blue tooth phone. It also has auxiliary audio inputs and large 12 speaker system for entertainment when aboard. If looking for a car that will deliver utmost luxury and sense of class, this is a great suggestion.

Jaguar XF engine performance
The engine design for Jaguar XF was targeted at ensuring that every person has something to associate with. The 2.0T runs on a 2.0 lt turbo-charged engine delivering enthralling 250 hp and 251 pound feet of torque. Expert tests for this power-train attained 60 mph in just 7.9 Seconds.
The 3.0 model features a V6 engine with a top rating of 340 hp. This is available in both 2 wheel and 4-wheel drives that will attain 60 mph in less than 5.8 seconds. Fuel economy for the four-wheel drive model is 20 mpg while the real wheel drive has 22 mpg. When you cross to the XF 5.0, it runs on a 5.0 V8 engine capable of generating up to 470 hp. Well, this is really fast and will hit 60mps in less than 4.3 seconds. This sedan is more economical on fuel with 18 mpg combined.

Safety features
All the XF power trains are designed to give the driver and other occupants a complete sense of safety when aboard. They are sold fully loaded with front, side and curtain airbags. They also have antilock brakes, blind spot warning features, stability and systems for traction control. However, unlike the close rival Mercedes, Lexus and BMW sedans, the XF lacks some crucial security features that could work to its downfall. It does not have lane departure warning system that could raise risk of accidents especially when driving at top speed. It also lacks warning systems for frontal collision, and 360degree parking cameras.

Car interior and its features
The XF interior retained most of the designs in the predecessor S-Type, but with some modifications that include contemporary materials. This has made it get the same feeling you will get in a Mercedes 5 or E-series. However, as a medium luxury car, the interior feels more compact that gives the driver greater attachment. For people who would like to use the car or family purposes, it has ample cargo capacity of up to 17.7 cubic feet. Besides, this cargo capacity is expandable with foldable real seats to allow you carry longer items.

Jaguar XF series has brought greater diversity to the market so that clients can pick what they want for better performance and style. When you think of getting a newer and better model to shift from the common designs, this is one of the options that can deliver higher value for money

How to Save Money on Car Maintenance

How to Save Money on Car Maintenance

Effective maintenance of a car is crucial for smooth running of the engine, enthralling appearance, reliability and slow depreciation. After buying a new car, approximately 25% of its value will be lost in just a few years. Many people find maintaining the vehicles in top conditions a tall order because of progressive tear and wear, rising cost of fuel, insurance and other costs. However, you can keep these costs as low as possible and enjoy every minute of your car on the road using the following methods.

Read and use car maintenance manual
Every car is sold with a comprehensive maintenance manual that owners and drivers can use to keep the vehicle in top condition. The manual provides schedules for regular maintenance. After about 2500-3000 miles, vehicle manuals recommend that the vehicle is taken for general maintenance that involves changing oil, and checking and topping of steering, brake, antifreeze and transmission fluids. By ensuring the car fluids are in top condition, breakdowns will be minimal and associated costs of maintenance kept lower.

Carefully check and keep tyres in top condition
One of the most intensively used parts of a car is the tyres. If the tyres are in poor shape, the user will not get appropriate traction and longer lifespan. The result is loss of money on fuel and replacement. You can maintain the tyres in top condition without taking the car to a mechanic by checking the pressure and inflating them to the recommended level. Besides, during the cold season, it is important to use cold season types for better traction, safety and longer lifespan.

Keep the car in pristine condition
Every vehicle owner’s dreams of keeping the car looking as good as new even if it has been driven for many years. To keep the exterior in top notch condition and avoid need for regular painting, it is important to clean the car regularly or at least once in a week. Besides, it is prudent to use the right cleaning products that will not damage the lovely smooth appearance or leave unsightly botches.

Work with one mechanic for repair purposes
While do-it-yourself (DIY) efforts will help to cut on costs, at some point, you will have to take the car to a mechanic for major repairs. To cut costs on these, stick to a single mechanic and garage. Here, you can negotiate for better rates and genuine parts. You can even agree on a regular maintenance routine and arrange for your insurance to meet the costs. This will make it easy to check the car regularly, note problems on time and repair them professionally.

Negotiate for longer warranties on the car and parts that you buy
Because of the fast rising motor car market, dealers are willing to give longer warranties to attract more clients. Even auto spare dealers also sell parts with warranties to guarantee clients of better quality and value for money. Negotiate or use a buying agent to negotiate for longer and binding warranties so that repairs and scheduled maintenance are covered by the seller. During the warranty period, you will end up spending minimal while enjoying top repair services.

Auto Maintenance Costs
Auto Maintenance Costs

While having a car running on the road and maintaining it can be a costly affair, using the outlined tips will save you a lot of money. In the motor sector, car owners should look at their vehicles like little kids so that issues are identified and rectified on time before they become major problems.

A Complete Guide on Preventing Car Theft

A Complete Guide on Preventing Car Theft

What is the best way to keep my car safe? This is one question that every car owner keeps asking. The modern car thief keeps evolving by looking for better ways to break into the car and steal it without getting caught. Thieves might be interested in the car itself or even valuables left inside. The Office of National Statistics reports that over 350,000 thefts are reported every year. Well, you think the immobilizer and alarm are all that is required? Think again. The following is a comprehensive guide of different things that will help keep your car safer wherever you go.

Make sure to recheck the locking system before leaving the car
When you park and leave the car, it is prudent to ensure that the locking system is working. Many people leave the cars in a hurry and use the remote to lock the central system. However, thieves have advanced and use signal jammers such that you might think the car has locked the central system while indeed it has not. To be sure the system has locked; make sure to recheck once or even twice so that the bugler does not have a chance of cutting you from the car. If the car has modern keyless entry system, make sure to check via the window for confirmation before walking away.

Only leave your car in a secure area
You can significantly increase the security of the car you cherish by parking in well-lit areas and secure parking lots. Many thieves and criminals are attracted to poorly lit areas where they can break into the car, steal some parts or get away with your belongings without being detected. Where possible, park the car at a point you can see it or where the alarm sound can alert you. Even in a parking lot, it is advisable to park closer to the entrance because buglers target secluded cars and those at the back.

Hide or keep away valuables from the direct view in the car
Many thieves are attracted to your car because they can see the belongings lying on the seat. Top valuables such as cash, wallets, tablets, smartphones and bags should be kept at a point away from public view. Think of locking such valuables in the boot and where possible, take them with you in the office or inside the house.

Invest in security systems
Though modern cars are fitted with modern devices that provide significant security, you can also invest in other systems more effective. Look for deterrent gadgets such as steering wheel and pedal locks that make it hard for thieves to break in and get away in minutes. The basic phycology of a thief has not changed for many years. They want to break in and get away with your car as fast as possible before someone notices. Other devices that will make your car safer of enable you locate it in case it gets stolen include tracking systems, CCTV systems on the garage, and motion activated security lamps.


Keep the keys carefully and away from strangers
One of the simplest ways that a thief can steal your car is getting access to the keys. They target stealing your keys from your pocket, office or house. It is advisable to put the keys in a pocket that only you can have access. In the office, make sure to place the keys at a point that clients and strangers cannot have access. Do not place them next to the window or open tables where anybody can pick them.

To make your car secure, it is important to use all the features and gadgets installed by the manufacturer and remain extra careful about where you pack and keep keys. Because of the fast evolving trends of crime in the UK and other places, car safety should be taken seriously to ensure that the car you cherish so much or belongings in it do not get stolen.