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A comprehensive review of the Jaguar XF – Green Garden Loans

A comprehensive review of the Jaguar XF

Though sedans from Germany have dominated the roads in UK and top end market for long, Jaguar XF has proven this fact is about to change. For many years, Jaguar has tried to keep up with the top rated sedans with little success. However, Jaguar XF has consolidated all the strengths of previous models on design, performance and outlook. This is a comprehensive review that focuses on main aspects that make Jaguar XF models among the best in the market.

Body design and style
The 2015 Jaguar XF is available in 8 different engine types (power trains). They have the premium 2.0T, 3.0 portfolio, 3.0 sport, super-charged 5.0, and XFR-S. The main features of the Jaguar XF include the 4-cylinder turbo charged engine, parking sensors, leather upholstery, auto-dimming real-view mirror, LED tail lights and 18 inches wheels. The sedan also features heated seats, keyless ignition & entry system and rear view camera.
The electronic features for the car are advanced to make navigation easy and fun. It comes with a large touch screen, iPod integration, audio connectivity and blue tooth phone. It also has auxiliary audio inputs and large 12 speaker system for entertainment when aboard. If looking for a car that will deliver utmost luxury and sense of class, this is a great suggestion.

Jaguar XF engine performance
The engine design for Jaguar XF was targeted at ensuring that every person has something to associate with. The 2.0T runs on a 2.0 lt turbo-charged engine delivering enthralling 250 hp and 251 pound feet of torque. Expert tests for this power-train attained 60 mph in just 7.9 Seconds.
The 3.0 model features a V6 engine with a top rating of 340 hp. This is available in both 2 wheel and 4-wheel drives that will attain 60 mph in less than 5.8 seconds. Fuel economy for the four-wheel drive model is 20 mpg while the real wheel drive has 22 mpg. When you cross to the XF 5.0, it runs on a 5.0 V8 engine capable of generating up to 470 hp. Well, this is really fast and will hit 60mps in less than 4.3 seconds. This sedan is more economical on fuel with 18 mpg combined.

Safety features
All the XF power trains are designed to give the driver and other occupants a complete sense of safety when aboard. They are sold fully loaded with front, side and curtain airbags. They also have antilock brakes, blind spot warning features, stability and systems for traction control. However, unlike the close rival Mercedes, Lexus and BMW sedans, the XF lacks some crucial security features that could work to its downfall. It does not have lane departure warning system that could raise risk of accidents especially when driving at top speed. It also lacks warning systems for frontal collision, and 360degree parking cameras.

Car interior and its features
The XF interior retained most of the designs in the predecessor S-Type, but with some modifications that include contemporary materials. This has made it get the same feeling you will get in a Mercedes 5 or E-series. However, as a medium luxury car, the interior feels more compact that gives the driver greater attachment. For people who would like to use the car or family purposes, it has ample cargo capacity of up to 17.7 cubic feet. Besides, this cargo capacity is expandable with foldable real seats to allow you carry longer items.

Jaguar XF series has brought greater diversity to the market so that clients can pick what they want for better performance and style. When you think of getting a newer and better model to shift from the common designs, this is one of the options that can deliver higher value for money