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How to Save Money on Car Maintenance – Green Garden Loans

How to Save Money on Car Maintenance

Effective maintenance of a car is crucial for smooth running of the engine, enthralling appearance, reliability and slow depreciation. After buying a new car, approximately 25% of its value will be lost in just a few years. Many people find maintaining the vehicles in top conditions a tall order because of progressive tear and wear, rising cost of fuel, insurance and other costs. However, you can keep these costs as low as possible and enjoy every minute of your car on the road using the following methods.

Read and use car maintenance manual
Every car is sold with a comprehensive maintenance manual that owners and drivers can use to keep the vehicle in top condition. The manual provides schedules for regular maintenance. After about 2500-3000 miles, vehicle manuals recommend that the vehicle is taken for general maintenance that involves changing oil, and checking and topping of steering, brake, antifreeze and transmission fluids. By ensuring the car fluids are in top condition, breakdowns will be minimal and associated costs of maintenance kept lower.

Carefully check and keep tyres in top condition
One of the most intensively used parts of a car is the tyres. If the tyres are in poor shape, the user will not get appropriate traction and longer lifespan. The result is loss of money on fuel and replacement. You can maintain the tyres in top condition without taking the car to a mechanic by checking the pressure and inflating them to the recommended level. Besides, during the cold season, it is important to use cold season types for better traction, safety and longer lifespan.

Keep the car in pristine condition
Every vehicle owner’s dreams of keeping the car looking as good as new even if it has been driven for many years. To keep the exterior in top notch condition and avoid need for regular painting, it is important to clean the car regularly or at least once in a week. Besides, it is prudent to use the right cleaning products that will not damage the lovely smooth appearance or leave unsightly botches.

Work with one mechanic for repair purposes
While do-it-yourself (DIY) efforts will help to cut on costs, at some point, you will have to take the car to a mechanic for major repairs. To cut costs on these, stick to a single mechanic and garage. Here, you can negotiate for better rates and genuine parts. You can even agree on a regular maintenance routine and arrange for your insurance to meet the costs. This will make it easy to check the car regularly, note problems on time and repair them professionally.

Negotiate for longer warranties on the car and parts that you buy
Because of the fast rising motor car market, dealers are willing to give longer warranties to attract more clients. Even auto spare dealers also sell parts with warranties to guarantee clients of better quality and value for money. Negotiate or use a buying agent to negotiate for longer and binding warranties so that repairs and scheduled maintenance are covered by the seller. During the warranty period, you will end up spending minimal while enjoying top repair services.

Auto Maintenance Costs
Auto Maintenance Costs

While having a car running on the road and maintaining it can be a costly affair, using the outlined tips will save you a lot of money. In the motor sector, car owners should look at their vehicles like little kids so that issues are identified and rectified on time before they become major problems.