A Complete Guide on Preventing Car Theft

What is the best way to keep my car safe? This is one question that every car owner keeps asking. The modern car thief keeps evolving by looking for better ways to break into the car and steal it without getting caught. Thieves might be interested in the car itself or even valuables left inside. The Office of National Statistics reports that over 350,000 thefts are reported every year. Well, you think the immobilizer and alarm are all that is required? Think again. The following is a comprehensive guide of different things that will help keep your car safer wherever you go.

Make sure to recheck the locking system before leaving the car
When you park and leave the car, it is prudent to ensure that the locking system is working. Many people leave the cars in a hurry and use the remote to lock the central system. However, thieves have advanced and use signal jammers such that you might think the car has locked the central system while indeed it has not. To be sure the system has locked; make sure to recheck once or even twice so that the bugler does not have a chance of cutting you from the car. If the car has modern keyless entry system, make sure to check via the window for confirmation before walking away.

Only leave your car in a secure area
You can significantly increase the security of the car you cherish by parking in well-lit areas and secure parking lots. Many thieves and criminals are attracted to poorly lit areas where they can break into the car, steal some parts or get away with your belongings without being detected. Where possible, park the car at a point you can see it or where the alarm sound can alert you. Even in a parking lot, it is advisable to park closer to the entrance because buglers target secluded cars and those at the back.

Hide or keep away valuables from the direct view in the car
Many thieves are attracted to your car because they can see the belongings lying on the seat. Top valuables such as cash, wallets, tablets, smartphones and bags should be kept at a point away from public view. Think of locking such valuables in the boot and where possible, take them with you in the office or inside the house.

Invest in security systems
Though modern cars are fitted with modern devices that provide significant security, you can also invest in other systems more effective. Look for deterrent gadgets such as steering wheel and pedal locks that make it hard for thieves to break in and get away in minutes. The basic phycology of a thief has not changed for many years. They want to break in and get away with your car as fast as possible before someone notices. Other devices that will make your car safer of enable you locate it in case it gets stolen include tracking systems, CCTV systems on the garage, and motion activated security lamps.


Keep the keys carefully and away from strangers
One of the simplest ways that a thief can steal your car is getting access to the keys. They target stealing your keys from your pocket, office or house. It is advisable to put the keys in a pocket that only you can have access. In the office, make sure to place the keys at a point that clients and strangers cannot have access. Do not place them next to the window or open tables where anybody can pick them.

To make your car secure, it is important to use all the features and gadgets installed by the manufacturer and remain extra careful about where you pack and keep keys. Because of the fast evolving trends of crime in the UK and other places, car safety should be taken seriously to ensure that the car you cherish so much or belongings in it do not get stolen.

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